The American Revolution 2018

The enemy is internal but must be defeated

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What does this mean?

It is critical that we take action to prevent further consolidation of power in denial of human rights and human decency. We must block action by this illegitimate government by any means until the government can be replaced by one under control of the population and that adheres to both the constitution and to, stronger, international standards of rights.

Government illegitimacy

This is now beyond the bounds of the existing political system as it has proven to be incapable of preventing a growing range of illegal actions by those controlling the executive and legislative divisions of the government. The electoral process is seriously corrupt with manipulation to suppress or distort voting by all citizens. This includes open voter suppression by deleting minorities and others from voter roles, extreme gerrymandering in some states, and coordination of foreign media manipulation to distort the election process to expand and illegally hold power.

List of crimes

The aggressive and blatant attack on the Supreme Court follows a continuous line of illegal actions from the assumption of power by Trump. These actions include the creation of a secret police organization identified as ICE that has been used to kidnap both citizens and long term residents and refugees seeking asylum from communities and families. Premeditated kidnapping of children from parents and construction of prison camps in which to retain these illegally taken children, unconstitutional utilization of public agencies and facilities for personal gain and illegal use of government services also for personal gain.

Triggers for action

Actions cannot be taken on rash assumptions of the complete dysfunctionality of the current system until those assumptions can be adequately confirmed by the majority of the population. But it is critical to understand that the electoral system is corrupted and dysfunctional in many areas due to voter suppression and gerrymandering and is under the control of an illegitimate power structure. This is also due to structural failures that have been manipulated illegally.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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