The actions of the Trump government fit the legal definition of genocide in the removal of children from people seeking asylum. Obfuscation and lies do not make that go away. While it would be nice if this were correct and things are not going to get that bad there is great danger in assuming any recognition of error on the part of Trump and the people that support him. They will not stop because they understand that no can stop them. Outrage and donations to non-profits are good if this were an ordinary political scandal. It is not because the people who created this and a continuous record of outrages acts control the government. There is no opposition. You cited the only clear opposition of a Republican member of Congress that I can find. A forceful statement is a PR move and entails no action.

This has already moved beyond any previous descent into evil since the Japanese internment. And this nation was fully racist then. That mistake was the greatest stain on the people of this nation in the 20th century. Trump and the Republicans are coldly manipulating the same actions with no justification whatsoever. And with total impunity.

Have charges been brought? Has anyone been forced to even resign? Now asylum seeking families will be imprisoned in unknown conditions permanently. At least small children are not being ripped from their mothers so it is ok. The bar has already been lowered so far that there is little left to be outraged about. And our ability to maintain outrage is about one week.

How will this be fixed if the government has no connection to the will of the people? Who do we call?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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