The ability of the states to survive with a failed federal government is limited, I think, in their present form. The federal administration is critical as it provides income and essential services that are only supplemented by the states.

I’ve begun to see both the need and possibility to maintain the federal administration as a truly non political entity. It is distinct as civil service operates with day to day management and political appointees are isolated at the top. This has long been the salvation from incompetent administrations. That is very true with the nearly complete incompetence of the surviving Republican and Trump regime.

The weak point is the ability of a fully dysfunctional congress to stop funding the operations. That was never supposed to happen but that it has several times over petty political squabbles among idiots that were elected shows the full collapse of the system. We need to find a way for states or groups of states to do an emergency override of a failed Congress to keep all administrative and financial services operating.

At a higher level I can see federal politics being removed. The federal government becomes the American regional administration under the direction of metropolitan regions and states in an alliance.

The trick is simply bypassing the federal executive and legislative components as failed. Retain the federal judiciary, Treasury, and all components to operate under existing rules but with an emergency executive committee from the states and metropoles providing executive authority. I would suggest slowly disbanding the US Imperial forces by transferring them to new metropole regions.

It would seem to be possible and definitely better than rapidly worsening collapse that we are living through.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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