The 20th Century is Finally Dead

Time to retire the aging white men still trying to disco

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ March 31, 2020

The monster that is killing us has been brought on by the endless quest for money. That quest is a grossly incompetent, psychopathic, fool placed in the US presidency to prevent any slow down of profits even in the face of massive planetary disasters. This has been stunningly successful as Trump and his stooges are on constant display performing as the classic, gibbering fool in the court of a drunken king. What outrageous act will they try next?

But the fool is not the problem. The need for that fool is the problem. There is no limit or any cost too high to maintain the fool’s insane performance.

Among the real criminals are the media who cannot look away even if doing so would save millions of lives. The gibbering fool must prance, and the pretense of leadership maintained into the depths of absurdity.

The culture collapse has reached the point that only the count of viewers matters. Why they are watching is ignored so that it appears as justification and approval of the media’s complete moral degeneration. Millions are watching and ratings are up. All of those people must approve of Trump.

No, the greatest and most pitiful human fascination is in watching accidents, executions, and seizures — nothing more fascinating than watching someone else’s death throes. But, if asked, most of those people do not approve of death, nor do many of them recommend what they are doing in watching it.

The US gets to watch our death spasms every day with Trump. Meanwhile, the people behind this are working frantically to grab power and to destroy decades of human development, while denigrating respect, mocking empathy, brutalizing everyone around them, advocating racism and bigotry, and locking in their right to steal and oppress. They just don’t care.

But caring is returning. We are receiving a life lesson in 2020, delivered to everyone. People are caring and working to help others, from a safe distance. But the real experience is that we have had our two-century-old capitalist drug removed by the threat of death. And amidst all the tension and genuine financial fears, we’re starting to learn how to feel again.

The US and other nations addicted to capitalism have had their governments overthrown by the criminal pushers of a killer version of the hypercapitalist drug. They have endlessly chanted for decades that there is no other life than complete addiction to feeding their wealth. The lure was initially being able to increase what our parents had built, but that wore thin after forty years and became the distant hope of vast wealth in a ticketless lottery.

With an unknown timetable for the pandemic shelter in place, we are already learning how to do without the desperate rush to buy shit we don’t need. Amazingly, if the vast wealth of the planet hoarded by nations controlled by hoarding billionaires is enough to keep everyone going, why not take advantage of this to see what we need?

We’ve struggled for the last twenty years with knowledge of the climate crisis that will continue to make life steadily more miserable for the coming centuries. We know to flatten that curve of misery we must do what we are doing right now to flatten the curve of pandemic overload and death.

Now that we have moved entirely online for almost everything we do, the old worries about screen time have disappeared. What was that? A planet with a large percentage of its population operating virtually than two months ago.

We are learning the way of the new paradigm that has been evolving around us for the last thirty years. The 20th century has finally died, a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why are we dragging the limp political bodies of the previous century, aged, white men known for their casual love of corruption and keeping things just the way they are. It works for them, but they won’t even live out the third decade of the 21st century.

What do we have to lose? We know that most of them don’t care. They are only in power because the failing economy and political system of nation-states are propping them up so the billionaires can continue to feed. But we do not need them now. They failed us in the first pandemic of the 21st century. And the climate disaster will create many more.

While we are struggling with massive incompetence in the US and other nations, the horror of the Trump regime and the true nature of Moscow Mitch and their cohort is killing us. But Joe Biden is cut from the same cloth. A slightly better and more acceptable version that we are supposed to accept as the best we can get. But that is no longer true in the new world we inhabit. We don’t need any of them held over from the 20th century’s decline.

The whole system is so utterly corrupt that there is no place to turn that doesn’t turn your stomach. What we should be able to see now is that there is no there. Where this country and many others have been for the last fifty years is no longer a place but an awful memory.

But the fear of a population released from old assumption is driving them to do what they must to survive. The billionaire oligarchs don’t want to spend their money. They don’t want anything to change. They want the people back in their harness feeding them and frightened of the loss of their credit rating. Our suffering is their security. And they are very, very insecure now. Even Trump must read what’s written for him before trying a few pathetic lies. You can see the fear of violent death in his eyes if you care to look.

The electronic locks on the massive hypercapitalist cages stopped working, and the doors have suddenly opened. But like animals programmed for zoo cages, everyone pretends the pens are still locked. But that won’t last much longer.

We have almost everything we need for the first time in human history. We have the freedom and well being at hand for all if we are willing to take it and build a better world that can sustain us. The old one will only kill in one of many ways from our errors and delusions we allowed ourselves to believe.

It’s time for the changes that in the US would never happen. But it is going to be hard and many will refuse to leave their cages. That is ok as long as they don’t have control.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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