The 2016 election was heavily worked by the Russian intelligence network and Trump was a well known target that they could handle. The Democrats are not up to that level of double dealing even if they wanted to do it.

I assumed that the young Congressional representatives are well known: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Tulsi Gabbard who is in the presidential race are the ones that I think of first. Tulsi is the strongest if not the most popular. She is very independent and has an unfortunate childhood in a bigoted religious family. She has worked to overcome that.

Since resigning as the head of the Democratic Party she has been actively attacked by her party. She is also my representative.

There are others and they are all young. That is important.

I went through your Tiered Democratic Governance paper and it is very good in outlining the problems and limitations of the current western liberal systems as well as outlining logical alternatives. It would seem to be most easily achieved from a British parliamentary system model.

I will think about that some more.

My own approach is based on the emergence of full virtual communities as direct democracies but I don’t see any means to overcome human limitations. Becoming knowledgeable, politically active, and ethical for an increasingly diverse population is too much to ask. I think that we will need to move steadily to AI based management in order to eliminate the problem of human emotions from the decision process.

Most of government is equitable administration and unbiased service delivery. This is a matter of handling massive amounts of data and operating with clear and audit-able standards. The key is the elimination of bias and that is very difficult as we deal with that in all data samples used as models. This will require always a multi tier censorate AI architecture with most the processing directly focused in ensuring that biases are not allowed.

Beyond service delivery is community selection of service addition or reduction or special cases for specific conditions. These can be increasingly handled by AI/ML for recommendations but should rely on human discussion and decision. This is the direct democracy process. It could work very well with your tiered system of councils. The work would be done by AI providing decision points that could be handled by each level of the tiered system.

I would prefer to run this with all citizens being required to vote on important issues (as defined by the tiered councils for instance) with detailed descriptions of proposed options and implications. Unlike yous I would require education and credentialing to vote beyond a person’s local district.

We are not quite ready for this yet but it may happen very soon as I’m expecting the US to break up within the next few years. It is untenable in the current evolving shift. I’ve written on all of this a lot.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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