That question itself is the sleep blocker

Our grandkids are too busy dealing with a very challenging world and struggling with their own doubts, fears, and hopes to ask that question. We have to think about these things for them.

The great difference from parenthood, that is keeping all the balls in the air and food on the table, is the time to think about your grandkids and watch their growing interaction with an evolving world. Our kids are major assets that we manage without much of a clue about what we are doing. That tends to prevent careful analysis in favor of full crisis management. Our grandkids need parenting that fills in the gaps and pads some of the edges while making space for them to push the envelope while having someone covering their back. We don’t get in the way of the parents, they need the respect, but when all else fails and their friends fail we are the ones who can keep a secret or start the difficult conversation.

And the changing world is the answer that keeps me up at night. But I’ve studied our grandkids and their friends and all the things that are weird but that they like and I envy them. I don’t wish to be that young again, I’m amazingly happy at where I am, but I sure as hell envy them. I think they are going to fix this mess that we tried to fix but failed to and their parents tried to fix but mostly just held on. They know they are not going to get anything like we were promised as kids and the promising was bullshit that made the mess worse. At least we kept developing the technology that, now, will allow a real world to be made, In fact a new planet that can survive, not in pockets of greed or suffering, but as a planet we understand and share with all the life we are finally beginning to understand. They will manage that new planet Earth and what really keeps me up at night is hoping that I will be around to see it.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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