Thanks for this open and thoughtful article. Nationally we have an increasingly ugly situation with colleges and universities again at the center of maintaining open and critical thinking for students. With forty years in education and thirty years as an adjunct (I was lucky enough to have an interesting technical career that made up for the lack of benefits and bad pay)I feel for all adjunct faculty. In twenty years teaching mostly world history I worked through the whole range of sensitive topics from political systems to religion but I never had to worry about it. Academic honesty, very much as you described your standards, always seemed to bring the students an understanding of the difference between critical analysis and opinion that they appreciated and thanked me for at the end of the semester. There were always some that were conservative, usually because of family or environment, but that was never a problem as I would assist them in formulating and understanding evidence based and logical arguments. We were then still in a period when there were, for lack of a better term, traditional conservatives, e.g. small government, continuity of belief systems, etc. These can be argued logically and we have many historical examples of that. That does not seem to be the case now but despite the contemporary lurch into fascist thinking my faith has always been with the youth who tend to know bullshit when they hear it whatever form it takes. I respect your commitment and professionalism in a very difficult time for this country.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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