Thanks for the response. I should have, and will probably do more on this later, but you are correct about India's current situation. They represent a large section of the planet and population. The nationalist nonsense is already starting to break down, and Trump's removal and disgrace will call all of the Trump imitators into question. India will be a growing influence, no matter what. We need to see what happens there.

My bet now is on Africa that is growing and rediscovering its own communal heritage. My interest in this article is the needed movement for creating public ownership tied to ethics and wellbeing.

The last statement was referencing the next big wave. China already reigns and will soon pass the US in wealth. The old "Chinese World Order System" that you mention is also already there. You didn't mention Malaysia and Indonesia (Singapore is already fully developed), but they are all historically linked to China. As the US falls, it is already a wealthy failed state; we know China will dominate and define the new model economy with state-owned enterprises and a focus on well being rather than profit.

This is what we need to unify against the climate disaster. I hope that this will come together in two or three parts of the planet over the next few years. This will be lead by China and the other Asian states, with India big and sophisticated enough to jump ahead. The possible driver for that is climate. They will face massive problems with floods, drought, and heat. Heat at over 35░ Celsius is a mass killer. They will face that challenge first.

The only thing it is easy to tell is that the US and GB will not be leading and will likely be struggling with decline and insurgency. Beyond that, it is a new game.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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