Thanks for adding more good stuff. As always with this stuff, good or otherwise, a whole range of variables and basic suppositions is necessary discuss for any discussion. Since you tackled it head on let me give you references to where I’m coming from.

The article you responded to is a tangent to connect current evolving virtualization to the broader, increasingly inescapable, realization that there is no physical reality. This is what is forming in our shared consciousness as the new Quantum Mechanical Universe. We need to get the names right but that is a planetary process.

This is coming down on the side of the classic debate between Idealism versus Physical. Our old universe is physical and Cartesian. As I’ve referenced in these articles, I’m trying to pull together the new archetypal forms as well as the New Materialism that is not really materialism, I think, but a logical aspect of the actual quantum field and potential triggered by sentient observation.

For what it is worth, my thinking on this starts here:

“Times of Great Change: The New Universe” by Mike Meyer

My goal is to figure out how to bring this into the reach of a broader population quickly. Obviously we are not going to be able to non-linear complexity of our current planetary climate crisis without a very different and much more powerful set of tools, i.e., model.

So, no, I’m not assuming that our current is anything other than virtual as a product of this universe as a complete mind. I’ve been trying to work through this before getting to far into nested virtualizations, branches, multiverses, etc. While those things may well be and may also all be a product of a base entity that maintains all potential universes. We are extant in this one and it is quite complex.

The thing that is most difficult is to understand why this is all there is but that we are not only a semi detached consciousness within this but have some shared access to the full consciousness. More on that here:

“The New Model Universe” by Mike Meyer

Again, virtualization is a training ground for us and includes, potentially, creating our models for sentient experimentation. Our technology is evolving rapidly and is already getting us into trouble with our old models. This is causing massive fear and anxiety with very nasty historical implications. In fact I think the rise of 20th century fascism was exactly in response to massive changes, as you mentioned, at the turn of the 19th century.

Fear drives a significant portion of the population to self professed ‘strong men’ for protection. These rules will find others to blame for all the disruption but, being what they are, will claim that only they understand all that is new and will make it ‘safe’. This is, of course, bullshit. In almost all cases these are opportunists finely tuned to domination and control. But they will find skilled people who do actually understand things but are, for a range of reasons, twisted and seeking control.

It’s the twisted but brilliant followers playing their own game that can create horror. This is Hitler on one side but below him is Albert Speer and Werner Von Braun. Speer was twisted. Von Braun was technically isolated and an opportunist so was totally happy to move the V2 program to the US. You might want to check out one of the most trouble in and greatest novels of the last third of the 20th century, Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.

Yes, this is fractal and fully chaotic. I’ve worked on this in one form or another for forty or more years and I’m scared. Do we have enough people to begin to understand the universe as it really is (for now) in order to work effectively to halt our self destruction?

The first fascist convulsion was the deadliest war in history but it was instigated by only a portion of humanity. Now we have a planetary level disaster that can’t be isolated and blamed on only the people making it worse. They are a minor disaster but we are dealing with planetary climate triggers and there are too many people who do not even grasp that except as an excuse to get even with others.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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