Thanks. Actually I have been working with Archetypal Cosmology and used that for part of this article. I’ve also gone through, though not read completely, Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas. There are some interesting articles in the Archai journal also.

Much of what I am saying about personal mythology is in agreement with Le Grice. But these are very different works than the broad detailed literature on natal charts and current planetary positions, i.e. horoscopes. The problem that I am dealing with is the limited cultural filters that are held as sacred.

This seems to be based on a reluctance to take the efforts of several thousand years (more like several hundred, I think, purporting to be several thousand) and chucking it out as failed. It is that vast amount of work that is the only thing keeping the whole edifice standing.

But, I think, that is no longer true. If you read Tarnas’s intensive work there is obviously connectivity that defines something far greater than random occurrence. This is the nut that has not yet been cracked. The patterns are part of of us. They indicate characteristics to some extent. They also indicate, potentially, a flow of energy. And that is what has messed up or standard model with particle entanglement.

We have only recently clearly identified that. Wave forms can collapse causing related action simultaneously on two objects wherever they are in the universe or so it appears. This is the appearance and thus a fact. How does it relate?

It’s difficult not to become mystical when trying to figure these things out but does it help to look at masses of interpretation of patterns made with no knowledge of the first factual clues? We’ve only been at quantum mechanics for not quite a hundred years.

I keep coming back to this as the need to start fresh if not starting completely over. Patterns have been identified and data collected, poured over and interpreted. There is value there but exactly what? Some kinds of things tend to happen at certain pattern points. And people are part of that pattern.

Two things seriously trouble me here. The cultural filters are brushed aside saying all cultures recognize the patterns. No. My background is the Chinese World Order system, as it was once called. We just went through the western new year but that is based on twelve annual animal symbols. It is not tied directly to planets or celestial objects. It works just about as well to identify personality characteristics and the likelihood of certain types of happenings.

The second problem is accepting the assumption that gravitational bodies only apply based on proximity. Particle entanglement doesn’t seem to recognize distance at all. This goes both ways. Going outward what about the kuiper belt planitoids that are nearly as big as Pluto? What about neighboring star systems?

Going inward, entanglement only happens at subatomic level with quantum particles. WTF? I’m afraid we are completely entangled in inadequate assumptions based on antique ways of seeing and measuring.

But this stuff needs to be made real in order to build a shared spiritual metaphor. Or not. I don’t thing it can be halfway one or the other. But centuries of assumption demand that these things must be true enough to be real. We’re finally getting to where this may be about to happen but it hasn’t quite yet.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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