Thank you, I’m a sucker for compliments on things I write. I spend a fair amount of energy trying to say what is happening and what will result from the unseen processes.

These conceptual changes are, up to now, cultural epiphanies. Once you see a different way everything looks different. We are now having a species epiphany that may be the death of us. There is a certain, almost delicious, irony in that. Maybe the whales will have their chance.

And I have read some Tarnas but not yet that history. I came at him from the new materialism and archetypal cosmology that has caused me to refocus significantly on what is happening. This is a very rich area that makes our new quantum universe very direct and personal.

The missing awareness of functioning scientific discovery and direct personal involvement with the material universe around us is what is causing kids to want to shoot up schools. Kids (actual or mental) want a reaction and destruction is easier than anything else. The only thing that comes close is taking someone else’s stuff.

That’s because in our old paradigm taking stuff is all there is. If you can’t get it then blow it up. It is a real shock to see the universe from a different perspective but triggering that realization in time is the question.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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