Thank you for the thoughtful response. I had to stop and think a bit about giving you an honest answer. I certainly understand your pessimism based on the current cultural and political standards that we live under. In this situation there is little other than suffering and death for most people. Trying to fix the collapsing civilization that we have, as I have written many times, the US is still leading in that, is simply not possible. But it won’t be fixed. It will be replaced but not in a direct way. We are already seeing that in many places around our planet. The nature of paradigm shift is most like a phase change. When water changes to ice the tools that used flowing water as a power source are simply abandoned and completely new tools with different uses become the norm. We are changing phases now and the entire concept of society and wealth is changing. These changes are geometric while homo sapiens thinks arithmetically. We really need training and a lot of work to think at the rate of change we are experiencing.

I deal everyday with people caught in the past. They insist on using old concepts and old conflicts as if they were still valid. They are in a high state of fear and panic because nothing makes sense to them now. This type of person is almost always conservative and the least capable or most emotional bcome violently reactionary desperately clinging to old hates and fighting old, long lost battles. Fascist opportunists have always found they can take advantage of that fear and hatred to turn those people into a weapon to help them steal and plunder. We are seeing that now although Trump is only a crippled specimen but the hatred and destruction are real.

The great difficulty is the vast quantity of things changing in a fundamental way. Trying to navigate this process is the most difficult thing we have ever done as a species. We have made equivalent changes in the past but did them over hundreds of years. We know about this only because we have gone through a series of smaller shifts over the last four hundred years both in the West and in China. But these are not separate and are dynamically interrelated and complex. My opinion is that we have at best a 50/50 chance of making it through this one. Unfortunately time is not on our side.

And that is the irony of the super rich looting everything they can so they can build their fortified mountain palaces. What they think is valuable will be valueless soon. The only source of long term value now is creating new information from gathering everything and using that to understand how to change. That is the power of diversity and human minds in dynamic linkage. The urban regions where that is strongest are also now the wealthiest and have the knowledge to know that change is literally changing all the rules.

Ok, that’s a bit of the bigger picture that gives me more than hope. So I am working toward revolution but it is nothing like the old. I just hope I can see where this really takes off first. And I think we’re close but the US is fading fast, too fast. But that is a personal thing. I agree more and more with many who see the collapse of the nation-state with the future a form of micro-democracy in urban regions or metropoles. But time really is not on our side as the climate disasters and massive migrations are only fifteen or twenty years off until I’m afraid they will overwhelm many areas. We need revolutionary change now to drastically reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

John McCain is just a relic of the old and collapsing system but he can still do damage and we don’t need anymore of that.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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