Thank you for the thoughtful reply as I always appreciate what you write. I picked the above sentence because that is very much what I am thinking now. It is too late to change in anyway to even slow the damage. So that needs to be factored into our planetary reality.

While I agree that my generation is not going to change or die fast enough to prevent worsening the entire disaster to ruin the next century or three, I never said the war of the worlds would be easy. Mostly I’m trying to lay out the patterns that could emerge. All I can do is suggest to a much younger audience what they represent and how that needs to be used for their and their children’s sake.

As I keep saying in various ways, this is just too much for our moderately intelligent species. The scales and complexity are just too great for most of us. I’ve spent decades studying, thinking, talking, and writing about paradigmatic change and the evolution of our society driven by technology we barely understand. Only in the last few years have I come to understand enough to be scared shitless and mortally depressed.

For all the complaining I did at the end of the Vietnam war and at Watergate, I was always, I now know stupidly, confident that things would be fixed and the future was ultimately bright. We’re now faced with a world in which we are not going to be able to hide from the disasters we have created and those disasters are going to build for centuries.

At the same time the horror of Watergate and a dangerously paranoid president produced (can I say it?) pride in the senators and officials who did what they were supposed to do. Ford wasn’t too bright and a Republican but from the time when that just meant financially oriented to business. He pardoned Nixon, setting a horrible precedent for us, but it was not as a scheming affront to the people of the nation. That won’t be the case in the next couple of months.

As to your specifics on the voting patterns in GB: The issue is getting the youth out and I’m not sure how that failed again. The British voting system is bad (all should be proportional and direct) but I have seen that the increase in Conservative votes this time was only 1.7% or so, I think, and still the combined other parties were the majority of votes.

The consistency of the problem is depressing. Johnson will wield power with a large majority based on a 1.7% shift in a distorted voter demographic just as 70,000 aging voters manipulated by Russian intelligence put an insane and dangerous idiot in power.

How do we correct these systems that are twisted to meet the oligarchy’s desires? The GB system is nowhere as corrupt as the US system but it represents the same world, that we need to end, that has, probably, killed our species not to mention all the others.

I keep coming to the thought that we, somehow, have lost the energy to survive. That courage you quoted was once available but no longer. For centuries we could get by with small scale wins and dealing with small scale losses, small scale on the planetary basis. The 20th century produced the first planetary war and scared us enough to pull back and stick with cold wars. But it didn’t do anything for pushing us to actually collaborate at the level we now need. The UN is a hope but a very thin one and it has languished for decades.

Ok, I’m working to keep faith in our youth and the new paradigm they represent. At some point they will wake and act. And if they don’t I probably won’t be here anymore anyway. But I still refuse to give up.

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