Thank you for the thoughtful reply. While UBI in various forms has been around for some years the steady realization of actual, significant job loss on top of the poorly understood wage loss in this “recovery” has made it a topic for increased discussion. Most people don’t know where they are on this and that’s what needs to change. It will take a while as this calls into question, particularly in the US, an entire set of doctrinaire political assumptions about value and human worth. Without going into detail this assumes that only the ultra rich may have leisure while making money with no work. The rest have no vested worth from the national economy and deserve nothing although a significant portion of their earnings are used to build the infrastructure and, increasingly, to fund the primary research that produces the vast wealth funneled to the 1%. And this is the direct link to criticism of Trump.

The planetary economic problem, grossly simplified, is an unprecedented distortion in the distribution of wealth. This is structural and can only be corrected by guaranteeing distribution of a reasonable share of the economy’s value to all citizens. The trigger for the collapse will be the recognition that Trump lied and is funneling everything to the 1% combined with steady disappearance of livable wage employment due to AI and robotics based automation. In the past “creating jobs” was the path to middle class status. These were semiskilled jobs in industry with good union wages. They are gone. International trade economy stages these jobs to lower wage countries, which is good, but the goal is complete automation. People are not needed for these jobs. But this automated economy was built on all our sweat. Most people simply weren’t paid what was their due. UBI corrects that in a way simpler to understand now that “creating jobs” is no longer an option.

Hopefully this answers your questions. . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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