Thank you for the response. The issues that you site represent the differences between what is and has been presented as the intent of the Constitution and the reality of what it has come to mean. The distance between those two positions has become too extreme to maintain the illusions of the claims.

While this was written as a semi-satirical outline of the current situation, as i said, that i did to assist a foreign reader who was struggling with the obvious lies and gross inconsistencies that are ignored by a part of the American population, that required simplified description of the points of failure that we are dealing with now.

The racist class structure and very limited implementation of representation in actual elections is a root cause of a congress that feels no need to represent the majority of the population. The result is a remarkable corrupt oligarchy that functions very much like the last days of the ancien regime n

The actions and intent of the primary architects of the American Experiment was to move as close as possible to a republic with a very limited democratic form. While their intent was good and amazingly robust it was almost immediately attacked and steadily converted into a racist oligarchy. Racism was, of course, an important element in the original structure.

While the political environment of the revolutionary period was complex for such a small population it was a very close thing avoiding a formal aristocratic structure. George Washington was the one who actually, finally, blocked that. And the US Senate is very much an aristocratic structure. That is a major reason that any effort to salvage the US will require a major change to or elimination of the senate.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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