Thank you for the response. Your experience in thinking that what is consuming this political system today was past and finished is the reason that the forces for that evil have been able to nurture it back to life. They knew they could profit in power from manipulating that evil. So they worked steadily and surreptitiously to do it while obfuscating and seeming to deny it. Hence we now have the term ‘dog whistle’ as the technique was identified.

This is not a small thing and it is not any less evil than the forces behind slavery and lynchings to keep the racist hatred sharp and focused. While the manipulators are the criminals, the people manipulated were looking for an excuse to begin actively hating again. Their guilt is not lessened by the fact that they were used. They were used willingly.

We slept while the monster was quietly fed and protected. The shock of its size and power will, I think, mean the end of the American culture and nation. What it will take to kill this monster again will be a form of self sacrifice of what America had tried to become but failed. Allowing this monster to live is to become a part of it.

While I appreciate your reliance on the beatitudes those concepts are not the foundation that the modern remnants of Christianity and other Abrahamic religions are built on. To extract the parts that are ethical and valid leaves little left. That is why the 21st century is a movement to new spiritual systems that are not corrupted with racism, ignorance, and bigotry. These are all inclusive and diverse so the powerful and good from all parts of our history can be honored and made real while the evil can be discarded.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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