Thank you for the kind words. And, yes, a major concern will be recidivism to criminal economics. It is always possible for an immoral opportunist to gather a following of people who can be angered and told that [insert group] is stealing what should be theirs. And if they just let him/her do what needs to be done they will be wealthy and those bad people will be made to suffer.

This only works if asset and wealth distribution is seriously out of balance and/or corruption is significant. Racism and xenophobia greatly exacerbate this. But if basic, universal rights are maintained and the entire population has adequate housing, health care, a good diet and education, fascist/feudal opportunists will be only a fringe problem.

Current socialist democracies are the most resilient unless corruption is uncontrolled because they are aimed at universal welfare. So strict ethics and compassion are critical but this must be scientific and evolutionary ethics based. Myth based traditional religions will trigger collapse into authoritarian regimes unless carefully isolated from public life.

This is a massive change we must complete but it is, I think, the only way we will survive. It is achievable.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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