Thank you for the excellent response. One of the great problems we face is the difficulty of finding a starting point. I’ve touched on this multiple times but have found that historical analysis runs into the weakness of American public education. Part of the process has been denial of history as having any value. We are now to the point that an obvious con artist with below normal level of academic knowledge can claim anything that he doesn’t like is fake news. History was declared to be “bunk” by Henry Ford at the beginning of the 20th century. And Henry Ford was obviously more brilliant than any academic historian. Well, he was very skilled at process development but otherwise was fairly ignorant and bigoted. By the late 19th century it had been decided that money was all that mattered and money definitely beat information, logic, and education. This is a major factor in the structural collapse of the American Experiment.

Racism having never been addressed is another major factor. It should have been but the devastation of the civil war leading to national exhaustion was used to reverse the elimination of racism. That had been tentative anyway as Lincoln recognized the size of the historical burden in doing more than simply freeing the slaves.

The devastation of the indigenous states of North America followed by the annihilation of the indigenous population was not done in secret. It was a proud and totally racist genocide that exists at the very foundation of European America. And your reference to the counter action turning the poor whites against their obvious allies, the newly freed blacks was clearly designed to destroy both populations and keep them subservient to the plantation class.

Roy Moore is a direct descendant of this cultural disease vector. The ignorance and squalor of the surviving republican party is the result of the lure of racist political power that has rotted America’s foundation. Several centuries of pretense ignoring colonial genocide with the glossing over of a slave plantation society infected the creation of the Enlightenment pretenders who imagined themselves creating the golden city on the hill. They denied the past but failed to deny themselves the pleasure of their female slaves.

Perhaps the rot could have been cleaned out in the early years of the new republic but not with the archaic slave plantations feeding cotton to the English market and the tradition of Virginia gentleman slave owners as founders. The new republic was actually New England and early industrial development that moved farther and farther from the past driven, perhaps, by the guilt of colonial genocide. We could talk about American romanticism and creation of the American Indian myth by James Fenimore Cooper and others but that is another thread in American denial.

The south, I think, should have been allowed to leave. I suspect that it would have led to a slave rebellion against the Confederacy by the late 19th century and we may have had a true, multiracial republic there. Instead centuries of ignoring the infection appear now to be terminal for the American Experiment.

And we haven’t even gotten to the 20th century yet . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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