Thank you for the excellent presentation of some instances of grace. People are basically sensitive social creatures and are happiest when everyone is polite. It takes real work to turn people ugly although fear and religion will do that. Allowing batshit crazy people to 1) take over one of the two allowed, ruling political parties, and 2) to assume the position of president in a disastrously compromised election can put acts of grace far from what’s left of the national mind. At least in Medium we can have a refreshing respite, such as this, from the total batshit craziness to see the good in people even in the midst of historical and cultural collapse.

I always prefer to read all the responses before responding myself. In Medium the responses are usually polite and sometimes very valuable. We do have a dark domain where batshit is stored but they usually keep to themselves with a occasional forays to display their trollish colors. They are worth mentioning because they are seriously weakened in a solidly literate environment. The strong appreciation from most here was noteworthy and the questioning was marginally reasonable, healthy contrariness.

The juxtapositioning of San Francisco’s trial of a homeless and fairly helpless individual who was made Trump’s evil Mexican with his exoneration for an accidental death worked beautifully against Roy Moore’s absurd senatorial run also built out of Trumpian batshit. I didn’t see anyone mention this but the two absurdities epitomized both the frightfulness and pitiful shoddiness of a pathological narcissist pretending to power he does not understand. It also illustrates how that exhibition of ignorance and crude hatred brings out the worst in people who are, unfortunately, caught in a manufactured historical paralysis. Your analysis of the nature of the small town conservative who’s discomfort with rapid change has been coached into a hatred they don’t really want to support describes, I think, the majority of the remaining Trumpists.The constant irritant of fictional Fox news does nothing but make them miserable. Even then, given a chance, they are willing to share the brownies.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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