Thank you for the detailed response. these are always valuable. I will say you stumped me a bit on first read and I found that interesting. The problem was that what you wrote did seem to have anything to do with what I wrote. After getting over fears of having said something I didn’t remember (I did have to go back read mine again). That didn’t help this but did put my mine to rest on losing connection with things I have written.

So that leaves the question of whether to address the argument you seem to be making here or discussing what I said. It seems more appropriate to address what you have said rather than repeat what I had said. I will apologize for being a bit short here. I try to reply to all serious or, at least, diligent responses but there are others to do and time is always a bit short.

From the perspective that I understand you to take you are correct, truth is a binary. A stated number of traffic deaths for a given period is either correct or not correct. Much of what I was (and am) concerned with is not simple numbers but interpretation and understanding of those within cultural context.

Since you were also upset at my use of the term ‘statistical array’ as that was not understandable. I will grant that I should have been more careful. The primary focus was concern with and evolving use of Artificial Intelligence that is actually Machine Learning. I see that as the answer to bureaucratic inefficiencies and political collapse.

Yes, we are in both political and economic collapse that is more extreme in this country but is part of the paradigmatic changes caused by information technology. I write a lot on this so, as I said, I won’t just repeat myself here.

It seems to me that you are confusing the non-linear complexity that we are facing. Simpler to say that are many layers of problems caused by fundamental changes in perception of human society and the nature of reality. Yes, that is difficult to understand and has already moved beyond human ability. Fortunately we are able to build learning systems that can become much more capable than our biological processing.

Managing that is the big problem. How do you manage what you cannot understand. Definitely a paradox. It requires structuring intelligent systems to be self checking and audit-able in a way that we can understand.

A valid statistical array is an IT thing in this context and is an array of valid measurement or variables. I definitely could have done a better job of articulating that.

At the political level the collapse is the result of increasingly inappropriate system that fail to address necessary decisions. The classical lurch toward fascist opportunists (such as Trump) is a symptom. There are no policies but the demand for some kind of fairness that never happens and will not happen. I’ve suggested a number of ways we need to rethink the political process now in the context of a fully networked world with a decreasing need to human work.

And this is not based on unhappiness with what should be the normal process of semi-representative system of government. It is the problem of the abuse and destruction of that system for short term power and massive greed created by a disastrous series of political mistakes over the last fifty years.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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