Thank you for responding. I’m not sure what you are responding to but it is, at least, different. I’ve spent years being attacked by Republicans and then by Trumpists with little grasp of reality and less understanding of logic or language.

In an effort to understand this I’m assuming that you are unhappy with my writing off the Democratic Party as a facade for the same predatory capitalists who have controlled the nation for many years.

We have not had a political party interested in the future of the population and their well being in many years. While the party apparatus talks the talk you need to look at what has been done under the control of that party over the last thirty years.

As I’ve said many times, the Democratic Party is now the only functioning national party but is a neoliberal conservative party. It is moderately progressive on social issues but acts like a conservative party committed to corporate wealth anywhere else in the world. At least it is not a criminal fascist operation committed to corruption and plunder.

At this point, to save this country in something like its current form, it needs to be very much more. The only hopeful sign is the presence of a few new, DSA members attempting to move away from the hell bound train that we are on. They will be blocked, baffled, and diverted by the old guard. Nancy Pelosi knows how to control the party as she is old guard form the neoliberal ranks. She will lead the way to compromise that means not doing what is needed or what people want.

$15 minimum wage? Cities need to do that because it is too radical for her. Put up a token position and then give it away quickly. We tried but there was no support. Compromise is what we need. Don’t put up a fight. We get paid just the same.

I was an old Clinton supporter and firm Obama supporter. Obama was too committed to a broken system. A good man who believed in something that no longer exists. He could have, perhaps, at least tried bring it back to life. But it wouldn’t have mattered in the end because we have to find a new way and that is not going to come from an easy political compromise. Particularly while the money continues to flow into the vaults of the tiny elite who own and control everything.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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