Thank you for laying out the pieces as they are known at this point. I read this the other day and recommended it but did not comment as it was a well researched and only positing the uglier possibilities. My interest is always the responses as this is moving very quickly but the complexity of the forces building for change are greater, I think, than anytime in several centuries. Many of us that have worked in revolutionary and intellectual change, particularly technology driven paradigm shifts are trying to alert purple to what is happening at the planetary level. In short this is planetary. Trump and fascist reaction is symptomatic and is significant only because the collapse of the political system in the US over the last forty years has handed a particularly dangerous and incompetent individual the world’s most powerful military. His control by Putin is frightening but still within the pattern as Putin has set himself up as a fascist/traditionalist model demagogue interested only in expanding Russian power.

The regime change scenario will mean greater destruction, human suffering, and loss of life but the remaining Trump supporters are a real minority. If Bannon and his controllers try for war things will end quickly with the effective regionalization of the US between Sanctuary cities and economically devastated Trumpistan. The situation will be the same only with greater suffering.

The short term action is regime change removing the Trump cadre. But the real change will be urban based implementation of human centered government, full services, blockchain currency, and increasingly AI managed administrative services. The economic revolution is already moving quickly to urban based planetary trade alliances with intellect replacing capital. Sustainability and environmental maintenance then may allow us to survive on this planet.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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