Thank you for comments. There is a large and growing amount of indirect evidence suggesting a long history of Trump being reviewed and manipulated by Russian intelligence. There is no reason to focus too much on the past, however, as we are unlikely to have irrefutable proof of Trump’s treachery without a confession and I don’t think Trump even understands what he has done. As a promoter and business hustler his background is sleazy and low grade criminal. As a national leader those become high crimes and misdemeanors and working for a foreign government it may be treasonous. I’m almost certain he doesn’t comprehend that. He exhibits all the characteristics that he has little concept but his own benefit. Therefore nothing else matters.

Mueller, I expect, has done what he has become professionally known for and amassed a vast amount of evidence while picking off the ugliest underlings and flipping them. This will start seriously coming out this week in the Manafort trial. Witnesses will be forthcoming. I believe several have just been given immunity. Trump may well attempt to foment an attack on Iran to block that. Or he may lash out in other directions. His only response has to be distraction and violence as his constant stream of outrages is well understood and are believed only by his core followers.

Because he has been increasingly uncontrollable and is surrounded by not very bright but very dangerous people, there is good chance he will succeed. Our media is seriously compromised and will do what the owners demand. This could be the critical point but there are enough unknowns it is hard to say.

I mention this because there are growing indications that many other people are arriving at the same conclusion about events that would happen and are happening. I’ve felt since early this year that if Trump survived to this stage and escaped all control, he would scheme to cancel the November election and/or start a war with Iran. Those are the themes that have been drummed into his followers. He really pays no attention to anyone else.

As I’ve said, about the only hope we have is that Putin constrains him. I think that may be happening.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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