Thank you for an articulate and interesting response. Frankly, I’m not sure how you managed to reach this position although it seems to be a variation on the primary GRU themes.

Putin has, very skillfully, developed a new form of 21st century fascist nationalism dedicated on regaining Russian imperial territories where possible and international power in general. This is difficult as Russia is a relatively poor state living off it’s natural resources and vast, rusting military inheritance from the USSR.

I have a certain respect for Putin as he is a product of KGB training but managed to adapt that training to his own ambitions. But his KGB roots show particularly in manipulation of useful fools such as Trump, airport parking lot ‘suicides’, and a new level in misinformation via social media.

For what it is worth I was trained in this some forty years ago at the height of the cold war. As a result it is very interesting to watch the evolution of the old KGB disinformation techniques. It appears that you have been taken in by the new versions.

There is no doubt that the US has been in serious decline for forty years. The Clinton implementation of neoliberalism, also supported, in the midst of war and befuddlement, by George W, has proven to be very effective in creating late stage, predatory capitalism and oligarchic rule.

All of these have been blended together by Putin, Bush, and Obama. Trump tries to do what he is told but has difficulty to mental impairments and uncontrollable narcissism. This is a very nasty ‘success’ for Putin and, directly, for the US’s more brutal oligarchs best represented by Moscow Mitch. Trump is a major liability and increasingly dangerous but they can use him to retain control of the US federal executive. That is all that is needed.

What we are dealing with is a bit too open and blatant to be called a conspiracy but it is the base neo-fascist alliance that has evolved over the last twenty years. That will mean death for all of us as greed and asset theft is their only goal. The climate crisis will destroy much of the planet for human use but the very rich are convinced they can ride it out in comfort.

We are probably not going to survive this but I refuse to go quietly.

And, I would strongly suggest, you give up the very worn, no Russian influence line as that was completely destroyed by the Mueller Report. In summary:

In July 2018, Mueller brought an indictment against 12 Russian military officers on charges of hacking the DNC and the DCCC, adding weight to the conclusion that Moscow was behind the cyberattacks that rocked the 2016 campaign.

Plenty of evidence already supported that conclusion, including reports from private cybersecurity companies that investigated the breach and quickly linked it to the Russian military-linked hacker groups nicknamed Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear. Independent experts also found clues linking the attacks to Russia. So did the United States’ top intelligence agencies in a report issued weeks before Trump took office. Source

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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