Thank you for adding your thoughts. There are many things going on now, many of them good, but we are past a critical threshold of change that is transforming us profoundly whether we like it or not. Much of the trouble, of which Trump is a symptom, is fear and reaction to the changes that cannot be stopped. That reaction is like a fire that must be contained so it does not destroy everything but it will burn out in any case. What is burning are the things we no longer need. What is left is what we will use to build a new world. When we understand this and if we mange it correctly we will discover that what is left is just what we need.

This is very much a natural process in our universe and on our planet. A good example, which has taken us far too long to understand, is the benefit of fires to forests in a natural ecosystem. Fires are part of the system and a healthy system is balanced but not static. The more we know and the more careful we are to understand and think the better we are at knowing when to stand back and watch. Ignorance creates unnecessary pain, suffering, and damage with no gain and the very real risk of loss. We have an illegitimate and failed political system in the US and other places that is reactionary and destructive and it will burn out. We need to manage it to keep it from too much damage.

I think this is, at least partially, what Russel Means was talking about. And how we communicate carries as much information as what we communicate and sometimes more. That is Marshal McLuhan. That is very much the case now and we are being schooled in this intensely now. We must understand it all but we can.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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