Thank you. What is changing is how we think about the universe we live in. That is not fixed but is a product of the living reality that includes us although we chose to ignore that for several hundred years. The universe evolves, that is part of what we gave up seeing in order to become objective and scientific, and that evolution now is presenting us with the knowledge to rediscover larger meanings with science as the base.

The more you study this both currently and as an historical process you realize that time is a spiral. We repeatedly return to past perspectives but at different level of understanding. A new way of seeing the world and how sentient beings like us are an integral part of that upward spiral from subatomic quantum mechanics to solar exploration is building a new era in human existence. No wonder so many, often younger, people who see it quickly, are now ready to lead.

And you are correct, the people desperately struggling to stop everything and risk human destruction to retain the old mythologies and their control, should not and cannot be brutally repressed. Their actions make that a very real risk but we cannot allow ourselves to be pulled down into that version of the old paradigm. They need to be removed from any position of authority and allowed to discover how large this change really is. Most people slolwy make the paradigmatic change or, if they don’t, they should be allowed to live their lives in peace with as much of the old mythic forms as does not cause problems for others.

The dangers of allowing even part of our planetary population to isolate themselves in an old and invalid world order require careful action. First we need to prevent them from killing us all by climate destruction. If we can get control to slow that we will have time to deal with bringing everyone up to a better understanding of where we can go.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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