Thank you, Dennett, for the long and response. I appreciate this type of response that connects another viewpoint from a different place. And we are in a very difficult that I and many other people spend a lot of time and words attempting to work through. Because, as you note, we are in a virtual world with no limits on the reach of out words we can cause great harm or, perhaps, do great good. Mostly we will probably just lightly touch some people and be forgotten.

The people who are making the noise cannot be shutdown although I think about it sometimes as they do not seem aware of the harm that they are doing both to others and to themselves, but we cannot morally do that. I started out, after some thirty years of working on paradigmatic and revolutionary change, seeing these types of changes as unstoppable once they reach a critical mass. I think that is the reality. The paradigm that is being replaced in America and the post industrial world is already almost complete in that sense. Once a concept of idea has reached 20% of a population it won’t stop short of the death of most of the people. We are already a majority in the US. For most smaller technology changes people would simply suddenly figure it out and change on their own because “everyone is doing that now”. This one, because of the twisted nature of American culture and its complex history on racism and religion, is being fought to the death by a segment of the population. I know they don’t realize that they have already long sense lost the battle and the world is rapidly moving on so it means a hole lot of suffering that has to be gotten through while they fight the inevitable.

Yes, I know they could buy that suffering for several more years by following fascist howlers such as Trump. But that is so completely not what is happening that it is even more tragic. At this point we should be helping those people to see the great positives that will come from diversity and innovation but they are not ready yet. Instead we need to protect the ones they are trying to hurt and prevent as much damage as possible.

We may well lose the this nation (I think that is likely now) but it will be replaced by more adaptable regions and other societies are working on this, too. You have to be open minded and face reality.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out with people, like you, who read, think and respond. Again, thank you.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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