Thank you. I have hesitancy in saying what we saw today was a travesty. We had one conscientious adult in that hearing room and her name was Ford. The rest of them were despicable and Kavanaugh was so outraged that his entitlement was being questioned that he couldn’t answer questions. That he didn’t want to answer questions is another issue.

As a male who grew up and went through university at the same time as the senior members of that committee, I know what taught us, what was acceptable, and attitudes and actions that would never be questioned. I was disturbed about how women were being demeaned then by consensus and fought against it. But I know the things that I did nothing about although I tried to be supportive and I knew how prevalent abuse and rape was because I would be asked for help.

But I never really understood. Or, perhaps, there was too much of a price to pay for acting against the men I worked with. Women who were my employees faced nearly continuous demands and veiled, sometimes not so veiled, threats to there jobs. The best I could do was get them ‘talked to’. I should have done more.

My point here is I know the world that those old men on the committee came from. I can guess that they never questioned their right to get away with a little abuse because they refuse to face this now. And that is bullshit.

This needs more than an election. Kavanaugh needs to be investigated fully and dealt with on the basis of the findings. The majority members of the judiciary committee should be forced to resign now. Their era of privilege is over. The acceptance of misogyny, bigotry, and white, male supremacy must end.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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