Thank you. I enjoyed this if one can say that after reading a draft of our obituary. I’m still struggling with ways to lessen the suffering from if not prevent our demise.

It’s a good challenge as the odds are poor. Working with the issues that will result in our disappearance requires you to come to terms with that reality. I think both Harari and Kolbert have done that as well as all the others who continue to try to educate people on our likely fate.

The point, I think, that lessens the burden is that we have had a hell of a shot at it becoming an ‘intelligent’ creature and that seems to be a relatively rare thing in this corner of our galaxy. If we blow it others may one day come and study our remains. But we deserve it if we can’t manage to change in away that enables us to meet the challenge.

The sheer size and stupidity of our mess is slowly beginning to dawn. We have significant percentage of the population that seems fundamentally unable to understand, or to even desire to understand what we have done and what we must do to survive.These people are a minority and that makes me feel good even if we can’t overcome them.

Maybe we can do it. At least we had better avoid going out without a fight.

If we do make it the changes required will mean we will become a very different species than what we have been and are. We are ending in our current form now no matter what.

Hopefully I’ll be around long enough to see how it breaks.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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