Superb! Lisa Renee this was just a whole array of good things. My wife and I were talking this afternoon, actually she was talking, but she was going through much of what you summarized so well here. She was enjoying a lunch we were having after most of a day working at our annual large Okinawan Festival demonstrating Japanese calligraphy.

That is one of here arts although she is primarily a ceramic artist and works in several traditional ikebana school styles when she is not growing interesting and rare tropical flowers. She was saying that she now feels as if she can do things and only the things she wants to do and not what other’s want or what she feels she must do. She is strong enough now to do that, she said, and being 76 is irrelevant.

I was thinking how wonderful it is that I could watch her bloom (all puns intended). But I feel the same way and I’m glad to see other men saying the same things. I’ve written about this once a while back but it is ever truer. You spend most of your life struggling to find happiness only to have it slip from your grasp or come with a very large bill attached that brings depression with it. But then as you get older you realize that all the aging problems are balanced by happiness suddenly being almost easy. You just have to do it, accept it, and ignore the things that you can’t help.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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