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There is way more going on here than even I realized and I’m already scared. Given that it is Sunday night and that should be a restful evening after a busy weekend I’ll try to not to scare the shit out of you. That’s the old Friday night horrors time. As we all shout; No, idiot, don’t open that door. Ah, shit, I told you. Those are exciting and enjoyable scary. Sadly that’s what the whole Trump disaster has become, I’m afraid. For Americans everything must fill an entertainment niche. That makes things understandable and easy to turn off and ignore when you are tired. So we have Donald Trump’s Excellent Adventure / Night of the Living Dead mashup. Only so much of that you can take. Definitely not a Sunday night topic.

has been dawning on me today that everyone is saying the same things and also realizing that we are stalled in the Trumpian purgatory. We think we see what is happening, and that is bad enough, but there is so much bad that it all blurs together. And, as I realized today, we’ve been suckered again. We’re being played for fools and the plan is working very well. I mean, who really gives a shit if Trump tweets shit about football players? That’s the kind of stuff they feed the idiots that helped get us into this disaster so that is a fringe minority titillation.

The disaster in Puerto Rico is a product of white supremacy in Washington and a natural disaster powered up by climate change. It’s also a product of incompetents rapidly destroying our federal emergency services. Those are issues. Donald Trump trying to talk stupid nasty to a mayor in Puerto Rico is not an issue. Again, who gives a shit? If we didn’t know this regime was a racist front and totally incompetent it might be an issue. But we know and it is not news.

Trump is a distraction. Nothing else but a distraction. And the assholes and idiots he’s appointed are also distractions. Last week I was asked a question about how much can a presidential candidate really do to change things in this country. In answering that question it set the stage for tonight's realization. This political system has been in collapse for over forty years. Longer than that if you look at the forces that have long controlled this country and the racist structure that has never been addressed and the neoconservative, pseudo neoliberal oligarchy that incorporates both political parties for that same forty years. It is no surprise that whatever person wins the presidency they can make things worse by incompetence or religion (dogmatic bullshit of whatever form) but they are not allowed to make it better. The rules have been set and we don’t even know the judges. The reality is that most of our government pays superficial attention to the idiot who think they are running things but the career civil service keeps it going. But there are limits.

ve known this and talked about it for a long time. But I keep getting fooled anyway. It is the old KGB technique of too much information and you can’t tell what is bullshit, partially bullshit, or actually true. The truth looks like bullshit then, too, because you know you can’t be sure. And anyone who has read the long and convoluted story of Trump and Russia and Putin and Russia and China and Russia and North Korea and the new centers for IT/AI/Big data for population control knows their is major shit happening and it is totally free to expand geometrically. The leash has been removed and the rules are gone.

It really requires a lot of technical knowledge to see the nature of this and that is what is being taken advantage of with Trump and as the monkee that screams and taunts and plays with his little pecker making people embarrassed and angry. He’s doing his job. When the weekend tweets become more ridiculous and come faster, it is not because Trump is scared of indictment, it’s because a new stage of control is ready to implement. Some major bad shit is coming down and 20–30% of the US population is kneeing each other in the anthem and the rest are justifiably outraged at the suffering and undisguised racist play in Puerto Rico causing human death and suffering. But we are not looking where we need to look.

nd where we need to look is already beyond understanding by 90% of the planet’s population. It is a technical transformation that is everywhere and in your home, in your laptop, and in your phone. We need this technology to build a better world. We need it just to survive. But we weren’t as smart as we thought and we are losing control. We’re too busy trying to decide whether to take a knee and what the hell does that even mean? Don’t be surprised if you notice your laptop’s camera light is on one evening. That doesn’t belong to you anymore.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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