Suddenly Many Things are Clear

The future is not the past and failures need to be removed

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ March 22, 2020

It’s fantastic that over half the population appears immune to the latest eruption of the authoritarian disease. We were all shocked when a sociopathic fool took the presidency with outside help, and that has turned, particularly now in the dangerous fumbling of Covid-19, to a determination to remove that fascist cancer.

The focus has been since 2016 on the horror of people accepting lies, ignorance, and hatred as if it were merely a political choice. How could that happen? What went wrong with enough people to be frightening?

I think we need, after three disastrous years, to look at this the other way. Historically the fantastic thing is that over half the population is committed to removing this evil, not that 40% have swallowed the poison. In the last four hundred years, authoritarian racist genocide has been a constant with only a small, scattered opposition in the historical record.

While this applies planetwide, if we look at American history, it is racist genocide from the 1620s on. The native population, having been decimated by European disease, eliminating up to 90% of the population (our accelerating descent into the Covid-19 pandemic makes this real) was nearly wiped out in the 19th century.

The US Civil War was a war against brutal racism and slavery. That it failed to end national oppression meant one hundred additional years of the authoritarian disease. Racism was accepted as natural by most white US citizens; my parents and grandparents included.

But now those attitudes and that bigotry is seen by the majority as immoral and disgusting. These are not issues of political choice in our societies. They are a sickness that needs to be cured or quarantined.

The Trump regime has collapsed into psychopathic incompetency while the structure of the federal government struggles to maintain services. State and metropolitan governments have begun to fill the enormous power vacuum created by the regime’s collapse as the pandemic demands immediate and very rational action. The easy times that we knew would end in the climate crisis have ended early in a global pandemic.

We have been working to understand the meaning of a paradigmatic planetary shift for the last forty years. The symptoms of change have disrupted and steadily illustrated the failings of our economic and nation-state political systems. Those antiquated institutions have steadily degraded until we have the resurgence of retrograde bigotry and the authoritarian disease.

The best effort at reform of these systems was yet another type of collapse to greed and planetary destruction. This spread wealth around the planet but at the cost of massive maldistribution of assets that took money away from post-industrial populations redirecting some of it to developing world populations but the vast majority to billionaire oligarchs. This failed effort at reform is neoliberalism and the final gasp of the old capitalist economy.

It was clear that paradigmatic shifts have a similarity to geological change. Pressures build in seismic faults over long periods with growing tremors. At some point, a trigger causes the entire tectonic plate to shift in response to those pressures. The landscape suddenly changes.

The pandemic is the trigger for the massive shift to a new planetary social and economic form. Part of that pressure was the enormous accumulation of wealth in very few hands, making 90% of the human population politically irrelevant and destroying even the vestiges of representational political systems that we struggled so long to achieve.

The sudden termination of the essentially mindless production and consumption defined by capitalism as an unchangeable reality has destroyed that pretense. The ending of work for billions of people in pandemic lockdown is both an incredible leap forward, we can do this, and a brutal, dangerous end to the late-stage capitalist system. The illusion of pending restoration in all its destructive form is quickly fading. The blow is too violent.

The vast hordes of assets must be used to replace the old capitalist work system of wage slavery. The fight to deny money to the people without can not be maintained when starvation riots are only weeks away

You might want to stop and think about that a minute. After that minute, you can tell me if that is an exaggeration. The recognition that the economy has ended and that only the very rich have resources to survive three months with no income is prominent. That a political group could propose a trillion-dollar relief package that ignores the mass population. At the same time, rewarding airlines (non-essential) and corporate boards shows the level of evil that has consumed a portion of our people.

Removing this evil cannot be a political process anymore. That process is so corrupt that it is now deadly. It, too, is a disease. The bulk of the US population has less than a month of savings. Many have been living paycheck to paycheck for years.

Let me put this clearly. We do not need a ‘stimulus’ because the patient is already deceased. This will be a critical redistribution of wealth for survival. Pretending otherwise will mean failing to understand the situation, the threat, available resources, and the objective.

The US has enormous financial resources, still. US funds can forward the wealth to the population to which it rightfully belongs. It will need to be replenished by removing it from the hoards that been removed from circulation.

The people who must be supported are not a particular nation-state’s population, but the people of this planet. The unsustainable and criminal economic system will be buried by reality.

What has died is not the United States or Great Britain or Italy but the nation-state as an entity. The cultures themselves are strong. We are experiencing the first of many planetary disasters without borders. Recognizing that will mean the difference between planetary survival or collapse into feudalism and centuries of decline.

Some people can lead during a crisis, and many cannot. It takes a very large crisis that cannot be hidden to show who those leaders are and who they are not. That is happening before our eyes. True leaders see reality and do what survival demands. They work for, not just the people of their domain, but for all of us.

Again, we are lucky. Not only does the majority of the population see the evil that has taken hold, but we have leaders of states, metropoles, and nations acting for us and linking with others for the future. Merkel is leading Europe with Macron and others. Trudeau is a leader, China, and South Korea are now the model of how to survive the immediate pandemic. China is now the planet’s lead civilization accepting the role to provide aid to all who need it including the US.

This has been evolving for the last twenty years but it has now become a different planet with capable leaders working for all and failed leaders beating the, now, broken drums of bigotry and ignorance.

We have no choice but the clean our planet of failure and evil in order to move on and do what needs to be done.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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