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Stop us! We cannot stop ourselves

Our society is committing suicide

Societies can become insane. We are part of one that has achieved the condition of insanity. The question then becomes whether we are dangerous. I don’t know how to tell that. That I can’t tell whether we are generally dangerous seems to suggest that we are. The United States of America is irrational and unable to determine sane or insane actions.

A general and very basic rule of thumb that has withstood the test of thousands of years to determine insanity is if we seek to harm ourselves and do we understand that we are harming ourselves. Here is where we stumble into the problem of insanity versus stupidity. You can certainly say that someone who smokes tobacco is harming themselves but chooses to ignore that harm. There are a large range of actions that people chose to take that cause harm to themselves and put others at risk of death. But if that is based on a conscious choice with awareness of the potential harm that is not considered insanity but a stupid choice. We are now far beyond that.

We are actively working to kill our children. And we are unable to stop. We understand the causes and have watched the deaths mount year after year but are unwilling to even consider the most basic solution that is the standard solution in all other sane societies. We will not even consider a solution and are unable to explain that failure. As a result we ignore the problem while our fear of ourselves and our social nausea grows steadily.

Allowing uncontrolled sale and ownership of weapons designed for mass death and destruction with no restrictions in an urban society that has been increasingly showing signs of insanity for over forty years is insane. We no longer even consider mass killings of adults in cities as a problem. Those killings are simply a means to promote more weapon sales to increase the death rate. We have long since ignored the massive rate of gun caused suicides. Our astronomical death rate is not a problem except to the families in which these deaths occur but as the families are often killed also it is even less of a problem. No need to think about it.

The only instance that still causes some momentary discomfort is mass killings in schools. We instinctively seek to protect our young as that is an evolutionary characteristic. Fifty years ago school shootings of even one or two students caused weeks of anguish and pain but were almost unheard of. But now we accept that as normal and put up with the nausea when organizations committed to insanity trot out outrageous and insane demands to sell more and more guns so everyone in a school is armed. We know that nothing can be done because the levels of insanity have grown and are now completely out of control. We are powerless to answer an absurd statement that massive deaths caused by uncontrolled arms sales can only be solved by more arms sales and less control!

An incompetent and illegitimate president can, with great fanfare, remove one of the last rules preventing people with records of insanity from buying as many guns as they want and then shed crocodiles tears and point a finger at insanity as the cause of our children's death. He is absolutely correct. He is insane and the people in our society who have created and allowed to be created this massive list of atrocities are insane and need to be removed and restrained from public contact.

The second amendment is no longer valid. It is simply a license to murder children and to terrorize students and all communities. A legitimate need for weapons is in no way limited by rigid licensing and arms controls. We must cure the insanity.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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