Starting to get it

And learning that we already have real power

By Mike Meyer

Periods of major change historically are times of human effervescence. This comes after times of growing anxiety and fear with intellectual bankruptcy as the apparent norm. Hope declines and problems expand until it can’t seem to get worse but it does. Power is taken by opportunists and criminals because everyone else has lost hope.

We are just beginning to come out of this stage now. Change has been almost totally centered on technology transforming the lives of a high percentage of the world’s population. But the anxiety and trauma of the old paradigms collapsing and the intense disappointment and disgust at the resurgence of antique forms of chaos has darkened the world.

In America this is the age of Trump. Everywhere we look past social gains are being obliterated. Failure is the criteria for success when incompetence is the only accepted standard. Ignorance is good and hope is sneered at while people suffer. As a result more and more people give up looking for anything but escape wherever they can find it.

Instead of rising to new levels of freedom, collaboration, and capability authoritarian opportunists smash and grab. The stunning descent into stupidity has caused most people to question if and when we will hit bottom. Is there a bottom?

Yes, and we have already bounced. This is not just a sudden and unexplained political failure. This is existential and part of the reorganization of all human societies and how we visualize reality. Fundamental paradigmatic change requires a lot of deconstruction to begin to build the new ontology.

People have begun to recognize each other as co-conspirators in the quest for a human future. There is a sudden and broad sense of a new shared dynamic to how we need to deal with the problem of the old. The long discomfort with not knowing what people were really thinking with people not looking at each other has begun to change and the shock of agreement in what we think should and must be done is there.

None of this is simple and it will never be easy but the possibility of success at being human on this planet is something we can believe in, maybe. That is so promising after years of slow and then fast descent, after the long years of disappointment. The ugliness of the Clinton end of the 20th century, the brutality and greed of the Bush years, and then the great hope and growing disappointment of the Obama years. Everything that should have begun to change was demoted to polishing the old ideas that were already failing. There was nothing that could be done.

Then the disaster of 2016 with self destruction of the American Experiment and the wreckage handed to a mentally defective criminal and opportunist. Watching the planet react in amazement and disgust and then struggling to deal with their own parts of the same disaster and despair.

But that is past now. I can only call this as I see it. Decades of talk about paradigms and quantum mechanics, Schrödinger cats, spiritual techniques and where we are going under the darkening pall of climate disaster. Of course the ignorant, incompetent, and incapable denied it all. Nothing is true and greatness can only be seen from a dark Orwellian place where these people are happy to live because they think they can own everyone there with the simple power of fear.

The wave of technology and communication continues to grow but the thrill of it is becoming fear for what we don’t understand and can’t stop. Somehow it is both incredibly good and incredibly bad at the same time. The dichotomy of that is exhausting as we hope that by becoming normalized it will give us the tools we need to deal with it. But that isn’t holding up and the tools for control seem to be slipping away.

But that is exactly where we need to look to see what has suddenly changed. Maturation comes with understanding the place of failure and its acceptance. We must mature as a species in order to survive. Denying truth, shouting threats, and demanding the nothing can change is childish. Our species is on the edge of finally growing up.

Understanding that the meanings have changed

This is well understood in the realm of large scale paradigmatic change. Language is dynamic and continues to evolve. We continue to evolve although we chose not to admit that for a long period of time. Now it is right in front of us and that recognition is opening the door to the new.

We have old people, old in many ways. but primarily old in refusing to admit that anything has changed. They are demanding that everything return to what it once was even if they don’t really know if that was better. No one really remembers. These people were allowed to take control of too many things simply because no one thought it was worth the trouble anymore.

But that has provided the negative to balance against what the future must be. To know what to do we must know what not to do. It’s confusing because for most people in the planetary metropolitan world the words have changed so much already that what the old people say doesn’t make sense. They must be crazy.

That has long been known academically to happen in these situations but the new meanings need to bubble up to general knowledge so they can be recognized and shared. That is now happening in so many ways that it is stunning. Some examples:

China is taking over the technology leadership of the planet but does not share the ideas that shaped the old paradigm of the West. They will control communication through 5G technology and the ability to gather massive data that makes Artificial Intelligence powerful. What will they use it for? Our fear is that it will be used for human control and suppression of freedom. But those are old ideas.

Can you control a billion people? For what purpose? Language evolves by people changing the meanings of words. We can change meanings by simply pronouncing a word differently or by substituting another word arbitrarily that acquires a new meaning instantly. We do that constantly. You slow that down by blocking all communication but that is the opposite of what is happening. The diversity of people and communication creates new language and meaning constantly. The changes are nearly infinite and control is effectively impossible? Isn’t that a form of organized freedom?

The old authoritarian process controlled the limited forms of communication and isolated people into groups that could be made to hate each other. The old forms of government were narrow and rigid and needed only a few people in courts or legislatures to control the enough of society to strangle any other change. We have watched that happen in America and elsewhere as the old power and greed sought, once again, to dominate. But they are too late.

In America those desperate to block out the new insist on using old language. They demand freedom by refusing to listen to anyone but themselves. We demand freedom of speech with no limits except narrowly defined slander. Isn’t repeating false information a threat to all societies? Maybe not if it is harmless but we have parents who have believed lies about vaccination and now children are dying needlessly. Don’t we now have an obligation to stop that type of speech?

We have people who have acted as if climate disaster is, somehow, not there. That is potentially genocide for our species. Yet they say we can’t stop them and nothing but what they say is true but most people know this is not true and those claiming it have crude motives that they are unable to hide.

This is a much harder question than simply shouting Freedom! No matter what! Would it help to know how truthful a person who is available for everyone to read or hear has been in the past? We can rank people now against scientific truths. Isn’t that important to know?

These are question that had no real urgency in the 18th, 19th, or even most of the 20th century. But they have incredible urgency now.

Truth is no longer necessarily a single thing. Scientifically we know, in the quantum mechanical universe, that truth is relative to a range of potential events. Those events are at our control when we observe what actually happens and the wave form collapses into points of occurrence. We must maintain potentials and judge each situation but that relies on the amount of information we have.

Too little information is always a kind of lie. With reality now a near infinite range of potentials but only a few of which have high likelihood of happening the process of evaluating information for validity is far more difficult and far more urgent.

This would make the need for public confirmation of potential realities as weighted by both scientific knowledge and human wisdom critically important. The need is for transparency of sources and logic and we are struggling with how to ensure that for AI based decisions. This is not and cannot be suppression of opinion but assistance with judging the potential to be true. Isn’t this a job that needs to be done by our public administration?

None of this is a limited binary of right and wrong. The truth must be in the process of communication Because reality is created in communication. Greater human diversity in constant dialogue creates both knowledge and reality. Is a statement based on a fringe concept indistinguishable from an unsupported opinion or a near scientific certainty? We, the people of this planet, need to know and to know consistently and to be able to protest and cause reality and potential reality to be re-ranked based on valid sources and process.

The old paradigmatic world could not handle this. But that is our reality now. And we are discovering that this happens around us not around some arbitrary, often corrupt, authorities in the old form of government.

One important realization

What happens in the old institutions is increasingly irrelevant. We are all finding the new rules for administration of a planetary society. The power of a planetary network provides frightening means to manipulate those who are not aware of the changes happening and have not moved out to the larger reality.

This tends to be people who have come to be knows as desperate to hold on to the past to retain whatever control they had. These are people who have chosen to live in or remain mentally a part of small, homogenous communities. These communities are prone to easy manipulation because they deny most of the information flow at their finger tips.

The great majority of humanity is drawn to diversity and growing communication. This is why the center of our future is in our broad metropolitan regions. These regions have been steadily replacing the old nation states as cultural, economic, and educational centers. They are now becoming the true administrative centers extending their reach to the sparsely populated surrounding regions. These metropoles are much more democratic as small groups cannot take control and hold power. That is why, in America, the old authoritarian rulers have sought to isolate and remove power from the majority of the population

The new power of freedom comes from diversity and people living and working together in collaboration. This can now expand as that essential, urban community required for full democracy has become planetary. Administration in a full democratic society is in the hands of professional managers in constant communication with their communities. Government can now leave politics as we know it. That has been a means for small groups to control everyone.

We can now constantly express our needs and our hopes. That must be protected above all else. We are beginning to do it now and the old rigid, authoritarian groups are desperate as they sense their world disappearing as people simply bypass them. They are irrelevant.

Realizing this is the power that we need to make the changes that we so desperately need for our survival.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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