Sorry for the delayed response. I’m slowly getting a better handle on the shape of this debacle as it evolves. Having just reread your response I almost completely agree with you. I particularly agree with the squandering of the technology driven economic potential of the last twenty years. With the recognition of the geometric growth of technology we, well not all but more than a few, knew that AI would replace most semi-skilled livelihoods (a lost term) necessitating either extensive retraining and support or a completely new economic structure of wealth and value. That was not done. And, yes, the forced move to this will happen regardless of who won this election. But your assumption that Trump has some better handle on this I think is the cause, or perhaps only a justification for the premature destruction of the current order. I credit Trump only with cunning (another lost term). He is stunningly ignorant but makes up for that with the ability to lie effectively because he believes his own lies. That is a basic characteristic of his personality disorder. I have sad personal experience with that. But that works only one on one or in private groups. He has already been destroyed by his inability to control himself. In the larger context and far more disastrously, he is, almost certainly, a useful fool for Putin and we are facing a state managed coup. That is not an economic change but directly attacks the premier level international order. Obama is coming under growing pressure to act. That may well block the move to post capitalist wealth redistribution for years. We then lose both short term and longterm. HRC was not the person to lead the change but she could have started it. And the international threat would have been avoided. Trump does not undertand this but it really doesn’t matter if he does because he was long ago compromised by Russia and probably others. The US is the linchpin and keystone of the world economy. By choosing a fool we now will be forced to correct this and will be incredibly weakened. I should have explained this more clearly. . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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