Sorry for the delay in responding. I try to reply to serious responses. This took several reads to figure out what you were saying in places. I’ll forego the chest thumping and ritual insults.

Obviously you are not a Keynesian. That is a reasonable thing to disagree on but I don’t really think that is the issue as we are in a major paradigm shift in all aspects of human society. The problem on the economic level is the vagueness of economics up to this point. Assumptions are made as if there are no loose variables and everyone is a perfect actor. That obviously hasn’t worked very well although I do think Keynes had a better handle on the vagaries of a capitalist economies than most anyone else to date.

The real issue an accelerating shift away from the current definition of value. This incorporates some aspects of cryptocurrency. While currencies are symbols of value and were initially indicators for material goods we have been working with fiat currency for several decades which are a good bit more abstract. And that works very well now as material goods are nit necessarily very valuable items now but scarcity is still a factor. We are moving to knowledge as the most appropriate value system.

Cryptocurrency is simply a symbol but the underlying blockchain technology can be completely decentralized. Using blockchain legers and contracts eliminates the controls of institution such as banks acting as agents or governments, for that matter, ensuring currencies and contracts. That suggests very strongly that the old economic systems are disappearing. Obviously if climate change is not brought under control, and we own that change, then we may well revert to full barter as the survivors struggle for food in very difficult environment. Let’s hope that type of foolishness disappears before it is too late.

My point on immigration is that immigration is good because it provides increased diversity and that produces greater creativity in societies. Once we are fully beyond this post-capitalist interregnum and ensure that everyone is properly supported we can expect a steady increase in creativity, innovation, and an improved life for everyone. We definitely need to focus on the climate disaster or all of it goes away. We have great problems but also great opportunities.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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