Some thoughts on Medium in no particular order. Of all the changes in the last few months I’m very pleased with the bookmarking/archiving tool. That makes it possible to scan through things during the day and mark the things for later reading. That’s obvious but it also lets me mark responses for a later response. Archiving then saves them for later reference. This beats hell out of whatever the bookmarks were before.

As or everything else, not so much. I have yet to see anything written for members only that was worth marking let alone immediately reading. The audio addition for members only is fine, I have one article in process for that, but I read and don’t listen. I understand that people like that particularly for commutes, etc. but I don’t have a long commute so just not relevant to me. I simply haven’t gotten into the Series thing. While I didn’t really understand what that was supposed to do except work as a kind of Instagram for Medium, it seems to be maybe coming around to serialized writing. If someone can provide a good example of this I would appreciate it.

But there is a problem. It seems that the quality of the writing, except from folks I follow, has fallen off. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks but it seems in the early months on Medium I was constantly surprised at what showed up in my list. The serendipity was amazing. Now I know what to expect and surprises are there but not common. What happened? I have this nagging feeling that the great layoff removed the people that were making this exciting.

Is there a hidden forum for amazement? Did I miss the announcement?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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