Some small cause for hope . . .

I do tend to be hopeful even without much reason. And to start from the bottom of your response, yes, the oligarchs have intel and easy access to government supplied forces such as Blackwater. Trump’s controllers are obviously clearing the decks for a wider use of private militias and subversion of the police. We, as a nation of citizens, have already lost control of many of our police forces if we ever had control. If you are white you have always been able to “not see” what was happening with police in non-white areas. That is one of the reasons we still get some people claiming there is no racism. They never went where it could be seen and never talked to the people who see it everyday. For some reason, I’m being facetious, the reason is failure of our educational systems, people have never known that the history of police in America was intimately tied to control of slaves and that was strengthened after 1865. It was only partially broken and more carefully hidden after the 1960’s so could come back so quickly in the last thirty years as our political system has crumbled.

My limited optimism is based on the full phase change/paradigm shift driven by transformative technology that has left capitalism foundering. Value is shifting to intellect and ideas away from material wealth and capital. I expect (hopefully) that the collapse of traditional currencies and replacement by blockchain systems for wealth transfer and all contractual relationships combined with renewable energy and sustainability in general will make the old worthless and leave the top 2% setting on valueless assets. Blockchain systems do not require any central storage such as banks or finance corporations as it is all in the hands of individuals and is fully virtual. It’s going to be very interesting to watch this happen. Hopefully we can avoid full on warfare although there may come a time when there is a line of billionaires on the roofs of tall buildings waiting for their turn to jump. With luck we can avoid that also.

And, yes, big government was essential to provide rights, protection for diversity, communication infrastructure, and public education in the last years of capitalism but is now much better handled in distributed urban regions. These are inherently more nimble and are the centers of creativity and innovation while understanding migration and diversity as the most important source of true value in the age of intellect.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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