Solving the people problem

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By Mike Meyer

We need to talk about people.

After years of managing people in organizations big, medium, and small, and as students in high school and university, I group people into three categories:

Good People. This is most people most of the time. You can count on it and rely on them.

Bad People. These are bad most of the time and are a very small minority. They are real and they are almost always a problem and sometimes the problem can be major. You don’t want to deal with these people unless you have to and then you try to get rid of them. You are not going to save them so don’t waste your time.

Sorry Ass People. The middle group are Sorry Ass People but it might not be all their fault. They could have been born into a Sorry Ass situation or find themselves suddenly in a Sorry Ass situation. Even if they got themselves into a Sorry Ass situation they might be able to get themselves out of it but there is no guarantee.

Dealing with Bad People turns Good People into Sorry Ass People. That’s why you don’t want to deal with them or have them in an organization. Nothing good will come from it. Bad People can turn Sorry Ass People into Bad People. That is a total loss.

It is possible to turn Sorry Ass People into Good People if they are around Good People mostly. Sorry Ass People are malleable that’s one of the main reasons they are Sorry Ass People. They can’t stand up for good things without a lot of help but they can fall right into bad things without a problem.

Stupid political situations can turn a whole lot of Good People into Sorry Ass People. Usually Good People will fight this but they might get worn down into Sorry Ass People. Then they give up and get depressed and it takes a lot of work to get them back up again. Turning Good People into Sorry Ass People is an unforgivable sin. We need all the Good People we can get and if you allow a system to turn Good People into Sorry Ass People the next stop is crimes against humanity. Remember that.

Human society usually gets by pretty well because most people are Good People and they will give Sorry Ass People a hand up. Good People who are young can get into trouble because they don't recognize Bad People. Parents and Grandparents are primarily around to help young Good People understand how to identify Bad People and to remind them they could always end up as Sorry Ass People themselves. So give them a hand if you can.

There is a real problem if an organization of people tries to pretend that there are no Bad People. That is a fast trip into a Sorry Ass situation because the Bad People will do bad things and put you all there. It’s your own damn fault if you allow that to happen but it is a major tragedy because our planet is in real need of Good People.

That’s because we have allowed most people through history to end up as Sorry Ass People through no fault of their own because we allowed Bad People to run things. And those Bad People did a lot of damage for several centuries and now we need all the Good People to try to fix the damage before we all become Sorry Ass People or even Dead People.

The whole country of America allowed too many Bad People to run things by trying to pretend that there were no Bad People. That’s why most Americans are now Sorry Ass People. They became mostly Sorry Ass People because they didn’t have the things that Good People should have like National Healthcare, Free College Education, Food, Some Income, and Housing. Most other Good People on the planet have that but the Bad People who ran things in America wanted it all for themselves.

Greed is also a sign of a Bad Person. Everyone knows that but sometimes people try to pretend that greed is ok. Nope, that is another fast route to Sorry Ass People status.

Needless to say that people constantly involved in wars are Sorry Ass People if they aren’t already Bad People or else Dead People.

Remember it is really easy for Sorry Ass People to start acting like Bad People. They don’t have a lot of resistance. If you make everyone Sorry Ass People pretty soon you’re going to have only Bad People and a lot of Sorry Ass People who don’t want to do anything.

Don’t do that. And if you allowed a bunch of Bad People to get in control you need to remove them as fast as possible or kiss your Sorry Ass goodbye.




Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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