Smell is critical to us but we have evolved to a strange place that leaves us uncomfortable. A sensitive nose is how we define foods and people. Perhaps the problem with contemporary people and scent is that it overrides our conscious intent to fool people and to not be fooled. We cover our scent to pretend we are something else because we know that if we become familiar with someone’s actual scent pretense about how we feel about them becomes very difficult. That puts us at a distinct disadvantage. Either we won’t be able to hide that we find them attractive or that we don’t find them attractive.

I first seriously dealt with this in college with a girl that I dated for a bit. We got along well in class and went out a couple of times until I kissed her. Later I decided that is was a pheromone/scent issue that was very subtle. Kissing her made me think of warm chicken liver. I dare anyone to get it up when they are embracing warm chicken liver. A nineteen year old male has very clear drives but warm chicken liver stopped me dead. And what could I say? I was speechless. Devastated.

I’ve never forgotten that. It’s very difficult to talk about scent, other than perfumes, with people. Better just to cover it up until we are safely into a well defined relationship. Maybe that’s one of our problems . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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