Sadly, this is a difficult and complicated issue. Alex Jones removal from any and all media is and would be a very good thing. As far as I can see there is no redeeming social value in a scum bucket dedicated to making as much money as possible from outrage. The fact that we would do anything without regard for anyone makes him a social criminal. Hopefully he will be bankrupted in court for the emotional destruction to people that he used to score dollars and excite the already twisted, easily duped, or mentally challenged that are titillated by his insanity.

That being said the way this has been done must be questioned. But the position of being outraged at these actions being handled by the managers of ‘for profit’ social media companies is not as straightforward as you present. This has become a case of any port in a storm. I’m thankful that these companies finally did act against lies, evil, and violence. Should they be the ones deciding these things? No, they should not. But then who should do this?

A big part of the accelerating collapse of this countries political system is not just the abrogation of public standards but the years of vicious attacks on all of us. Our social maintenance is a public responsibility. That is a process that we maintain through our government departments. We are our government per our constitution. Yes, that badly needs updating and has been used to allow fringe elements and the vastly wealthy to take control with no limits, but that is our fault also. We cannot attack our agents who represent us and tell them to ignore anything that is said or done and then complain when the only recourse is for private organizations to take action against lies and the inciting of violence.

I know how hard that is. In the early days of broadband internet I was responsible for creating a 30,000 subscriber system. The nature of broadband was new and it allowed anyone to connect a server and provide any information they wanted. By default I was the one who had to decide to turn off a clients access due to copyright infringement or extreme pornography. I did not want to have to make those decisions nor provide access logs on subscribers to the FBI. I refused those short of court orders.

We have a troubled society that wants freedom and, some, who want to destroy government, but then demand that actions be taken on their behalf for their interests with the burden put on a service provider.

This should be a public process based on infringement of rights by people such Alex Jones. This cannot be arbitrary censorship but must be based on damage to people’s rights. If there is no direct infringement of rights with damage to the well being of people then it should not be done. But when it is done it must be acted on expeditiously. If there is no public system to do this then the only hope we have are private organizations and individuals who will take action.

We are currently damned anyway that we go.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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