Sad to say but necessary. As we move to a new order driven by massive technology change forcing planetary, social restructuring, the weight of irony alone is causing this nation’s foundations to crumble. It is possibly simplest to say that this country fought a horrendous civil war and won the military battles but lost the social war. We should have let them go. The forces of racism and religion, completely intertwined, were allowed to spread and corrupt. And it has finally killed the trust that held the union together. Ironically the technology driving the change has finally torn away the blinders carefully developed to hide the diseases that could not be cured.

The most complex irony is the loss of civic morality. We now have none. The failure to remove religion from public life allowed it to be used to support racism and various forms of bigotry. The agreement to accept religion as the arbiter of public morality was a sop to the confederate states and also granted protection to wilful ignorance. This blocked any effort at racial equality for a hundred years, crippled education for parts of the country, and set the stage for the political ‘southern strategy’. And that enabled another fifty years of reluctantly racist government.

Freedom of speech and religion came to be used for racism, bigotry, the denial of knowledge, and the justification of hatred. Those are not freedoms nor are they issues of political debate. Religion is not morality but a cultural artifact that may be cherished for cultural truths and remembered for great mistakes in our evolutionary development but has no role in civic life. That this clearly stated realization of the founders has been lost to ignorance, the destruction of ethical education, and distortion of language is the ultimate irony.

It is essential that we identify and isolate all who spread this disease.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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