Return of the Death Economy

There is so little time until the workers begin dying faster

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ April 8, 2020

The handwriting on the wall is not even behind the curtain anymore. The hypercapitalist and neo-nazi powers, led in the US by the Trump Party, are pushing frantically for a full police state to ensure that the November election is meaningless.

Trump, in full psychopathic form, cannot help but blurt the quiet part out loud. Voting must be suppressed to allow the aging, white, racist Christians to steal the election. Wisconsin’s incredible, death march primary, Tuesday, must sicken anyone regardless of old political labels. This primary was a pilot run for November.

Without going beyond primary media coverage, even the US media is unable to pretend this is anything but criminal. We have Barr as Attorney General attempting to remove habeas corpus and only blocked at the last minute by across the board outrage in Washington. Barr is a true believer in hell states, so he will keep pushing absolute control.

Trump, himself, suddenly and arbitrarily removed seven [7] Inspector Generals to replace them with handpicked Trump stooges. These blatant attacks on all federal actions include removing any oversight on the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Relief legislation. This enables easy theft of vast sums of money and allocation of the rest to punish states and regions not properly obeisant to Trump and his ilk.

We are already seeing an instant replay of the total incompetence from January to March on the COVID-19 pandemic. No one seems to know how to apply for or obtain the allocated relief funds. The minimal family checks are processing but may not be delivered fro some until late summer. The amount must expand.

Trump, in his bizarre daily press conferences/campaign rallies, keeps pushing chloroquine that is generally considered worthless for COVID-19 treatment. A very flawed, French study, produced dubious results that have been denied by pharmaceutical standards organizations.

This deadly promotion is horrible enough, but he also owns a small interest in the French company that produces chloroquine. I’m not even mentioning the Texas man that believed this stuff and killed himself with Hydroxychloroquine, an older and more dangerous version.

All of this is just within the last week. Meanwhile, Trump is desperately trying to attack the World Health Organization and blame China for COVID-19 as he knows that unless he succeeds in distracting his gullible cultists, even they may start to abandon him. China’s failure to respond openly to the first cases in January is undeniable, but they did correct this error while Trump did not until two weeks ago.

What do we see here? The camouflage has gone, as desperation in the face of the planetary pandemic, and underlying climate crisis, the oligarchy based on predatory hypercapitalism is fighting to lock down totalitarian control. They know what matters and it is not the people of this planet. They want the population to keep working no matter what, until automation can replace them.

The oligarchs will be safe in the mountain fortresses with all the wealth of the Earth. That is their guiding vision. Morality is only money; nothing else matters.

This belief is the sole motivation as the oligarchy is only concerned with restarting the death machine economy that has made them all billionaires. What’s a few hundred thousand dead to get that monster pumping dollars for them again. They know that we will lose far more than that in climate disasters over the next thirty years, and that is ok as automation, by then, will make human workers and servants redundant.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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