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k, we have a fruit-loop in the White House who is obviously stumbling into mental darkness and has the nuclear codes to make that real for all of us. The individual in question has surrounded himself with people who would grovel at his feet or have their own evil desires and can’t imagine having another opportunity to do the shit they have always dreamed of doing. No need to name names as those will be engraved in history providing that history is not turned into radioactive slag in the short term.

The exceptions appear to be two individuals in charge of State and Defense along with some generals who, too late, have realized the horror that they have been involved in perpetrating. As a result they are struggling to keep their own asses and families alive. There may be higher motivations here but simply having enough sense to see the stupidity of this situation and to be willing to do what they can to keep the fruit-loop from doing anything totally irreversible puts them on the right side of history. Yes, we are that far down.

now even have a Republican senator shouting the warning that should have been obvious a year ago or more. There are nameless sources and indirect indications that the remaining Republican senators and others with a touch of sanity are scared shitless. Not shitless enough to actually do anything but at least shitless enough to talk off the record. At this point that is laudable. Yes, it is hard to go lower and still be alive. Apparently the unnamed shitless ones are determined to enact a budget that consists of nothing but a new level of poverty for the mass of the population and yet another massive gift to the oligarchs. This is so important that they are willing to risk the survival of our species to achieve it. Is there anything lower than oblivion?

No. Sorry. We can’t go lower than that and there is no reason to continue to plumb the depths in search of a more disgusting condition to be reached. We are at the bottom. We need to act and we need to act now.

nd, yes, there are people who are still followers of the fruit-loop and who would revel in annihilation just to prove themselves right. These are not good people. At the least they are no longer rational in the eyes of the great majority of the planet. Maybe they can be helped later but that is not the most important issue at this point. They can’t be helped if we are all dead. Survival and the return to a minimal level of administrative sanity is the top priority. We are not talking about winning the old political arguments but simply a return to where the majority of people in this country thought we were. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t completely insane.

We need a complete reset of the system. Revert to November 2016 and start again. Are we ready to do this?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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