Reality will not be denied. . .

Nicely put and explained for those who suddenly decided to forget the nearly complete incompetence, the kindergarten level bigotry and ignorance, the pathological lying, and the white supremacist manipulators in the background. His medication was obviously changed to keep him from frothing at the mouth in a hate filled rant. The endless lies and subterfuge of these kind of damaged people is well known and, as far as I know, is not really treatable unless there is some sort of profoundly transformational event. But that’s not an area that I know professionally but simply from experience of dealing with small, garden variety samples of these creatures. Violet, it seems you know about this so I will defer to you. It is sickening to see the mainstream punditry scrambling to fall in line as if, finally, the craziness is over and the person will now act like a president. No, he tried to read the script but couldn’t resist cheap shots for his strokers and the horror of using a dead soldier’s widow to cover his own stupid actions.

The reality is coming down on all of us. What form it will take next is the only question. The US economy is running on the rational damage control management of the Obama administration and the desperate efforts of the late stage capitalists to maintain growth with massive borrowing in energy. This has nothing to do with Trump and short term insanity. The far bigger forces of fundamental change to a self sustaining, planetary economy will continue to build with the elimination of jobs as the primary stress point. We know that unchecked destruction of our climate is also accelerating and this creates intersectional stresses on regional politics causing destabilization that could produce escalating disruption at any time. I can only assume that this is completely unknown to small time crooks trying to loot a massive and crumbling national infrastructure. Things are simply not going to work out and we know that small minded egotists must look for release. It will get ugly very soon and pundits will flip back and forth. Which one will flip out first?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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