Profoundly frightening and horribly accurate. Time is our greatest enemy and our national clock has been turned back and frozen at some point in the distant past. My great fear in January was that Trump would not be removed by July. Six months of confusion and incompetence would be just a very bad administration change but anything freezes in incompetence. That begins to have escalating and massive international effects and begins to quickly drive out experienced administrators while shutting down inflow of new administrators. We have been watching that happen since summer. Add to that a completely incompetent set of political appointees that are trying, as noted, to cut costs as if they are running a 1950s gas station.

I’m not sure why this has never been publicly discussed but the US government has been totally dependent on career civil servants to make up for normally incompetent political appointees. That has been our salvation nationally. This has been particularly true of the State Department. Even the worst of the Republican officials knew enough to just leave that alone. The Trump pack of idiots has already managed to destroy the federal administration to a level that would, starting now, take years to replace. And this has nothing to do with political gibberish but is day to day operations and national safety. We cannot survive without this vast, practical administrative expertise. Trump is mentally disturbed and staggeringly ignorant so he has no clue. The adults in the room have proven to be inexperienced dolts. And we are bleeding badly.

I don’t think we can survive another six months. We are at the center of a planet wide American empire that is failing at the center and becoming more dangerous by the day. If we don’t act, who will?

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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