Previously I would have discounted this statement based on each person as a sentient and rational person, at least in principle if not in individual reality. This is the broad conditioning of Western Civilization post Enlightenment. It is this conditioning, described as the capitalist/authoritarian, that is collapsing into visibility by the day.

Paradigmatic structures are unquestioned. When they disintegrate, their collapse causes them to become visible to individuals and then social groups. To those most aware of how arbitrary human cultural assumptions can be or simply those who can see alternatives to the current dominant reality, this becomes an opportunity and challenge. It becomes increasingly disruptive to everyone.

Those most committed, defined by that paradigmatic structure, struggle to maintain it because, much as in narcissistic rage, the world they inhabit cannot exist without those invisible and unconsciously accepted rules.

Donald Trump happens to be a case study in the narcissistic rage that illuminates the Western Cultural political and economic paradigm's increasingly fragile condition. Trump is a symbol and not an actor, so this is a bit confusing as the US president is supposed to be an actor.

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