People are coming together

This is not a small change and it is not a return to the past

by Mike Meyer

If the Trump based mass of crimes and lies gets any denser we may be risking creation of a black hole. While there is a certain allure to the thought of Washington DC disappearing into a black hole, the collateral damage is too much to think about. The fact that any allure at all could attach to such an horrendous event is indicative of the danger that we are now in.

Many people in American and much of the post industrial world have become so enured to lies and crimes in public places that we are untouched by even the most disgusting moral squalor. That makes the correction of this deplorable situation more and more difficult. Obviously this is the result of the techniques so skillfully developed by the Soviet KGB in the years of intense cold war. Everything is a lie, truth must be denied, blatant lies are normal, and so are crimes.

In the interest of honesty and fairness 21st century, post industrial populations attempt to avoid blunt accusations. We were born and grew up in the advertising and increasingly media dominated world with educations that make us very aware of the diversity of attitudes, opinions. This has made the world a significantly better place than at any time in history as illustrated by the limits on wars, brutal crimes, and murders. People with something to lose and some hope for a better life are willing to change to keep that reality alive.

Unfortunately that is the opening that those dedicated to evil manipulation of people for their selfish ends can use to trick masses of people into fear and anger. As we know the seed bed for those fears is a failing economic system that distorts asset distribution with every gain to that economies desired goals. That can’t be right so something must be wrong but no one will admit it. That is the gap that is exploited.

In America that has created an untenable and quite likely explosive situation. That is the potential for a singularity with a criminal administration, a criminal and immoral political party, a large minority of confused and angry people, and a political system that has lost its foundation. The American main stream media and federal political system is being pulled apart by the increasing weight of falsehood and criminal actors in high office.

The metaphorical image is a collapsing star in a binary system becoming a black hole ripping apart its binary partner.

This is the goal long sought by Vladimir Putin if it could be achieved without risk and war. He is accomplishing that with a very lucky capture of Donald Trump, probably, some twenty years ago.

The detailed evidence of that has been steadily revealed from partially released sources in an effort to prevent the explosion that could come from its sudden revelation. I’m doubtful it will help. The collapsing start pulls more and more of its surroundings into its singularity and it cannot be stopped.

This story is more complex than that with political party failure causing policies to be replaced with only power at any cost and a capitalist economy run out of control for too many years. In a previous age this would be called a chain reaction. Whatever you call it we are now living it.

But my point here is an attempt to be more hopeful with the rapid rise of realization among the majority population that this is bad and getting rapidly worse. The key that I see is the number of people calling out the need for major change.

While this is a subjective sense of improvement it is based on what people are writing here on Medium and other places. In one sense we have finally lost hope. But in another sense we are seeing the size of the monster and its all consuming appetite for power and everyone’s assets.

It seems obvious now that it will consume itself. On a personal level Trump is unstable and unable to control his actions. At the same time those who have been most closely drawn into his vortex are too greedy, impulsive, or ignorant to know what is happening.

The parts of the population drawn into the lies and deceit cannot escape on their own but without the pull of racism, hatred, and conspiracies continuously ramping they will lose direction. The fear of localized violence is real but these are not, for the most part, creative, vindictive, or self motivated people. They will simply grind to a halt, grumbling and whining.

The Mueller Report is now the fuse that is burning. Trump is in permanent panic but not even the lowest of the Republican Party cohort are likely to want to go down with the ship. The very nature of the people now in the leadership of that organization strongly suggests that they will wait until the last minute and then quickly jump into the sea. Many are already quietly buttoning their life vests. McConnell will discover ethics and Lindsey Graham will say it was all a mistake. There should be no mercy.

These people must not be allowed to claim this as only a political mistake. It is not that. It is a criminal conspiracy willing to risk the death of our species, in the worst case and vast planetary suffering in the least case, in order to retain control by a vastly rich and predatory elite.

What I see that is hopeful is a serious change in attitude among the majority who knew this was wrong and not at all what it was allowed to be presented as. There must be major changes and those are only hinted at in the Green New Deal brought to surprising life by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the new political group willing to call crime where they see it. But this is a careful placeholder for something that must be much, much larger.

I rather facetiously addressed this in Trump Provides the Answer and was surprised at the strong response at what I had written as satire. The policies that I suggested for the new National Emergency were what I and many others have been saying, hopelessly, were what was needed to begin the massive correction.

I ended by responding with more possible Emergency policies that were suggested as needed. This is more than hopeful as, until now, no one seemed at all sure that anything would be done to actually remove Trump or stop the corruption and criminal actions that he has fronted.

Even if that could be done there was no way to fix the broken American system so this would simply happen again. This disaster is a product of two hundred years of racism, misogyny, and greed. It is the product of at least forty years of political actors completely removed from reality and supporting formal ideals that were long since dead. This is the problem of Obama who understood and believed in the system was completely unwilling to stand for what it meant rather than what it said. Thanks to Holly Wood for calling this out directly in her latest article on the seduction of Big Hope based on our intellectual laziness.

It is obviously a product of major paradigmatic changes that are completely redefining human society and its goals. In the end it must be a product of people directly and of their hope for the future of all.

There are many stories being told of people taking action into their own hands and that is what has been missing for the last three years. AOC and the young socialists were a key but also the youth who have had to grow up quickly to reclaim what they can of a future being destroyed.

The American political system cannot be fixed without drastic and immediate action. There is growing support for that and, as always, those who will desperately deny it and try to kill any real change. They need to be ignored and, if necessary, moved out of the way.

I think there is more chance now than I ever saw of that happening. The fuse may only have a week or two to burn but something large will happen as a result. That is probably the trigger but the action for change is what is important.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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