[Pause]. . . Yes and no. I’m saying this thing is big and, though we created it, and set it loose before we even what it was. But that is what we do and it has, mostly, always worked.

Trouble is the world has changed and is requiring us to play together. AI is not really so simple as bomb. I see it as a really big tiger and we climbed on. We’re going where it is taking us.

Before we were always able to, finally, kind of, get control. It was close but we haven’t even seriously set off a bomb since 1945. But this is already smarter than we are. Nuclear weapons were incredibly powerful but they weren’t smarter than us.

This is a different world already and AI is a transformative agent that is changing both us and our, already changed, world. It is going to shape us to fit its process based on the goals we have given it. But we weren’t thinking very clearly and just wanted information to control people and sell.

I’m afraid we’re going to get that in forms we never imagined. This thing is designed as an unlimited range of recursive loops. The scaling feedback is fractal. And our asses are grass hanging onto the mother of all lawnmowers.

Now it’s chewing and replicating everything we’ve ever done. Then it’s going to get serious and build its own. I think we need to get our own serious on and do some major evolution until we can blend electronic and bio forms.

Then maybe we’ll catch up.

Right now we need to get the dead weight out of the way the most humane way possible. If we don’t, we’ll, I don’t want to think about it. Our AI systems don’t do humane at all yet.

But if we learn and evolve fast enough we may have a shot at the next level. We need to get off this planet.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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