Participation in our communities is not optional

If a version of democracy is to be salvaged from this time it will need to recognize that participation in our communities is not optional. If you are part of a community then you need to assist in the management of that community. This is another profound change in human society as we now have the ability to be involved directly in the management of our communities. I see this as a permanent, formal, online community presence that discusses all issues and votes on the decisions required. That is direct democracy. The problems we have are almost completely the result of abuse of an antique representative process that opens the door to anyone with a conspiracy problem or a wild hair of some kind. These are the only people that run and then become part of a crazed community with power to act as if they represent the general population. Much of the current Republican Party is nothing but contingents of idiots and shitheads motivated by hate and/or ignorance but they have become “representatives” even though they are nothing of the kind. They then round up the crazies that they know to run also. And no one pays attention. Then you have a Russian propaganda campaign and a Trump in the White House.

If there is an answer, and I think that is a very open question, participation in administration and voting must be legally required. I would also say that ignorance of the process and the issues is unacceptable. Require a citizenship test before each election based on an objective statement of the issues and questions with any statistical or scientific analysis available. Fail the test and you don’t vote. Fail two elections and you become a resident but not a citizen.

What we have does not work. It has created legislative bodies filled with idiots and scum for sale to the highest bidder. The system needs to change but the incumbents will never allow that.They have a choke hold. How do we get there from here?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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